We Are the 48%

Occupy Wall Street's We are the 99% slogan came under prompt fire from conservatives.  Conservatives branded Occupy protesters as jealous and discriminatory toward wealthy Americans.  We should be trying to emulate the 1%, some said.  Don't hate me because I'm successful was candidate Romney's spin.  Claiming the inclusive position, the GOP countered with We are the 100%.

Liberals answered that it wasn't about hating the rich.  The protests were to draw attention to the abuses of power on the part of the richest of the rich, more like the .01%.  The economy's crash in 2008, the banks' stonewalling of Dodd-Frank, Citizens United and the millions flowing from billionaires into campaign coffers -- those were the targets of the protests.  But the slogan did say 99%, so let's give conservatives this point:  Occupy excluded 1% of Americans.

Kudos to conservatives for being so inclusive.  I assume that means they will no longer demonize...

The 4% of Americans who identify as LGBT.
The 3% of Americans who are undocumented.
The 12% of Americans who are members of trade unions.
The 17% of Americans receiving public assistance.
The 12% of Americans who are atheists or agnostics.
The 1% of Americans who follow Islam.
The 3% who have had abortions in the past 10 years.  
 Otherwise, I'm afraid they'll have to proudly proclaim...