You Might be a Racist if...

You might be a racist if...
  • you're worried about Sharia Law taking over your community.
  • when you picture a welfare recipient, you see a black woman with
    too many kids.
  • you regard illegal immigrants as criminals.
  • you're offended by an Islamic center being built anywhere near Ground Zero.
  • you've ever said "I'm not a racist but..."
  • you think that liking Colin Powell, Bill Cosby and Magic Johnson means you can't possibly be racist.
  • you cross the street when you see three or more black or Hispanic teens together.
  • you're afraid to travel to the Middle East or Africa.
  • you worry that people in the checkout line speaking a foreign language are talking about you.
  • you clutch your purse tighter when you share an elevator with a
    black man.
  • you're convinced that racism is no longer a problem in the U.S.
  • you still can't accept that President Obama is an American.
  • you are worried about gangs taking over your rural town.
  • you don't notice that your favorite shows or movies have all-white casts.
  • you can't relate to the kinds of problems people different from you are facing.
  • you find New York's new mayor distasteful because of his mixed race family.
  • you worry that whites in the US will soon be in the minority.
  • you've flown a Confederate flag or can't see any problem with others doing so.
  • you think Redskins and Indians are perfectly fine team mascots.
  • you're uncomfortable being the minority in a place where most people are a different color or culture.
  • you're pretty sure that terrorism is an Islamic thing and see all Muslims as potential terrorists.
  • when you think of retirement, you imagine a place full of people of your own race and religion.
  • your idea of religious persecution is minority Christians being mistreated in some far-away non-Christian place.
  • you think reverse racism is a bigger problem.
  • you believe that Indians need to "get over" being slaughtered and displaced, that Jews need to "get over" the Holocaust and that Blacks need to "get over" slavery and the KKK.
  • you believe there's a War on Christmas.
  • your idea of a "good neighborhood" or a "good school" is one that's predominantly white and middle class.