You Can't Get Obamacare

I had a phone conversation this morning with my 62-year old brother about Obamacare. He's a self-employed auto body guy and has been uninsured for over twenty years. A guy who doesn't like to be idle, he has given up walking and sports because of a long-term problem with sciatica. He's also a smoker and has some heart issues that scare me. He is the most genuine and generous person I know and I'd like to keep him around. 

Our conversation went something like this.

Me: Have you signed up for medical insurance yet?

Him: You mean Obamacare? No, I haven't.

Me: Have you tried? With your income, it'd probably be free or very inexpensive.

Him: Is it working now?

Me: You live in California.  California's website has worked since it opened October first. You need to get on there.

Him: Not Obamacare?

Me: What do you think Obamacare is?

Him: I don't know. A type of motorcycle? Are you on Obamacare?

Me: You can't get Obamacare. There's no insurance that's Obamacare.  There's Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance.  Same as always, just better and cheaper. You go to the website to compare plans and find out what they'll cost you. And no, I'm insured through my employer.

Him: Could I just go to an insurance agent instead?

Me: Sure, but your agent isn't going to tell you about cheaper plans. The exchange will compare Blue Cross, Pacific Source, Aetna -- whatever is available in California. Go to the website.

Him: Okay, I will. But first I want to send you those videos.

I for one am impressed with how well the Republican disinformation campaign has worked.