Still Waiting

I'm still waiting for anyone in the GOP or Tea Party to acknowledge...
  • Osama bin Laden is gone
  • The Bush recession is over
  • The federal deficit continues to fall under Obama
  • Unemployment is down
  • Obamacare is working
  • America's only POW is now free
  • The Iraq War was a mistake 
  • Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz and Oliver North are not credible foreign policy analysts
  • The Iraq War was completely mishandled
  • Eight years in Iraq was enough
  • We are not at war in Libya, Syria, Iran, Ukraine or Nigeria and that's a good thing
  • The campaign to stonewall anything the President tried to do has been a disaster
  • America has a gun problem
  • The haves and have-nots in the US are growing further apart
  • Money in politics is a problem
  • 64 bills in the past year and a half to outlaw or restrict abortion are a tad too many for a Congress that won't even consider a jobs bill
  • A perpetrator of the Benghazi attack was captured
  • The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has zero accomplishments in the past four years
  • We have a responsibility to care for our planet 
  • Voter fraud is extremely rare but voter suppression affects hundreds of thousands of voters
Feel free to enlighten me.


  1. the peeps you are waiting on to acknowledge this have already drank the cool aid Linda. They cannot see beyond their own displaced rage. I would like to acknowledge you for a factual and comprehensive list. This should go viral.


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