My 2016 Predictions

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Based on the bizarre Presidential race and equally bizarre Congressional behaviors lately, I am ready to put in ink (or virtual ink) my predictions for the 2016 Election.

1. There will be two Republican candidates: Donald Trump and some other guy.
They may select him at the convention or derail him. If selected, a more loyal alternative will be encouraged to run as an independent. If they pull a fast one and select Cruz or someone else, Trump will run as an Independent. This guarantees a GOP loss of the White House for four more years but will excite both the pro-Trump and anti-Trump voters to show up and try to get him in or keep him out. The GOP keeps their Congressional and statehouse majorities thereby.

2. Hillary Clinton will pick either Julian Castro or his brother Joaquin as her running mate. They're young, charming, male
and Hispanic. And they're from Texas. If not for extreme gerrymandering and voting restrictions, Texas would already be a Democratic state.

3. A New Yorker will be our next president. There are three to choose from.

4. Democrats will retake the Senate.
There are 34 seats up for reelection; 24 of those are currently held by Republicans. And several are in deep doo-doo.

5. Republicans will hold the House of Representatives. All that census year redistricting does mean something.

6. Within weeks after the election, the Senate will approve Merrick Garland. They know the next President will not offer them a better deal.

7. Several state legislatures and governorships will switch to the Democrats.
Repeals of anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-Muslim and voter suppression laws will head the state dockets in 2017.

8. Jokes about having a First Gentleman will get a whole lot better. Not as good as if the risque Serbian model became first lady, but good nevertheless. 

9. Netanyahu, Erdogan, Putin and Mugabe will be tossed out on their ears. Okay, that's just wishful thinking. But a girl can hope.