Wikileaks Uncovers the Real Crimes

The Wikileaks email dumps this election have been pretty ho-hum. Campaigns criticized their opponents! Workers suggested mean things that were never done! People communicated with other people!

But now, we finally have a trove of new information that proves...

  • Hillary and Bill pressured friends to give money to Whitewater Development.
  • Bill's dalliances were arranged by Hillary and even appeared on her family calendar.
  • Hillary described her plan to kill off Vince Foster.
  • The Clintons' White House Christmas Card list proved they were in deep with dark forces. 
  • The Clintons rented out the Lincoln Bedroom to fund Hillary's cocaine habit.
  • Hillary ordered US forces to let people die in Benghazi.
  • Hillary used her private email account to run drugs from Colombia.
  • The Clintons used their Foundation to launder money from Arab sheikhs, Colombian drug lords and a certain New York madam.

But in the typical fashion of the corrupt left wing media, these Wikileaks stories are being hidden in all the other dull and tedious stuff. You'll have to read every boring page to find the good stuff.

Enjoy the quest.

(Oh, and if you can't find the citations? Maybe those things never happened?)


  1. The danger here is that some wacko will copy and paste and spread on social media and way too many people will believe it! Plus you forgot to mention that the Clintons hired a pornographer to photograph their daughter as she pass through childhood and adolescence. It's all in the emails!!

  2. You could be right; I've seen goofier stuff circulated for no better reason. Noticed a lot of hits on this blog, especially from Twitter.

    Oh yeah, the pornographer!

  3. Alas, I agree with Mary Korbulic. This is obviously satire but some people will absolutely miss that point. The
    Clintons are in fact very successful politicians, adept players of the rules of modern politics. This involves courting donors, keeping in touch with political friends, nurturing relationships, and setting up systems for keeping relevant when in office and in periods out of it. The Clinton Foundation serves that purpose (plus a charitable one) just as do conservative think tanks and super pacs and K Street lobbying firms and university professorships and big NGOs like the Ford Foundation. The system is unlovely but the Clintons are well-lawyered and it is legal. (Just as is, no doubt, Trump's nonpayment of taxes and his having been able to credit the loss of other people's investment money as the loss of his money in the bankruptcy, so he gets a deduction from his taxes for their losses. Ugly but legal.) I would revise the post, so that each line reads: "Misinformed conspiracy nuts think. . . . " But its your blog, so suit yourself. Keep posting, please.

    Peter Sage
    Medford, Oregon

  4. That we all acknowledge there's a fact-free contingent (and a large, noisy one) that cares not a whit whether something is true is the saddest thing of all.


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