A Crazy Idea

Here's a graphic that encapsulates everything wrong with our current system of representation:

If you live in a large state like California, your vote for president counts less than if you live in a small one. Similarly, your senator represents 20,000,000 of you versus 175,000 in tiny Wyoming. There are calls to amend the Constitution to remove the electoral college. This is not a new proposal -- it's been tried many times in our history. And given that it advantages the party whose votes would be needed to overturn it, I'm not holding my breath.

Here's a different idea.

What if our large states decided to split into multiple states, dividing as best as possible their population centers to increase representation? Just splitting northern California (including the San Francisco Bay Area) from southern California (including Los Angeles and suburbs) would double representation. Maybe there are other ways to increase it even more without just creating more tiny rural powerhouses (like the State of Jefferson proposal so familiar here in southern Oregon and northernmost California).

There's a limitation since cities like New York City won't want to be divided into multiple states, but I wonder what might be possible? In states with population centers in more than one city, it makes sense to me. Besides, who in LA or SF actually feels kinship with the other big Calfornia city?

Come on, legislators. Start playing with lines. It'll be good practice for redistricting after the 2020 census anyway.