Delete! Delete! Delete!

The federal government today has the most far-reaching power to spy on every single American citizen. Ever since the Patriot Act -- introduced initially by the Bush Administration and renewed regularly ever since -- your government has access to everything about you:
  • Facial recognition
  • Your social media history
  • Your medical and genetic data.
  • Your movements (if you take your GPS enabled phone with you or your smart car or if your police have license plate reading technology)
  • Everything that passes through your computer, phone or any other electronic device
"Knowing where a person’s phone is located can reveal sensitive information, like when they go to the doctor or psychologist, what political activities they engage in, who they spend time with, and where they sleep at night. Law enforcement agencies can often obtain this personal information without ever getting a warrant from a judge." ACLU
We know that the federal government has subpoenaed blanket access to your phone and computer from Yahoo, Google, Verizon and others. And we also know that when challenged, the secret court set up to hear such challenges has consistently ruled to allow the surveillance. All this has happened under Bush and Obama. Picture that same awesome power in Donald Trump's hands -- and that of his paranoid unhinged appointments.

Now imagine a search of that data on 300 million citizens for terms like Drumpf, Orange Hitler, or any other term that might uncover the new president's detractors. Once identified, cross-check those persons with other data -- who had an affair? who had a DUI? who was once fired? whose medical records show drug, alcohol, or mental health issues?

We know Trump will want to go after any who challenge him. He's already threatened the independent press, a small town union leader in Indiana, and a college student who dared to ask a question. We're next.

Only those currently inside the NSA, other intelligence agencies and their private contractors can prevent what is clearly coming. I appeal to those professionals. Only they can put a crimp in the ability of Trump and his circle of misfits to use megadata against their opponents.

Please, agents: Start deleting that data. Delete anything that isn't directly related to terrorism investigations. Delete access to information about me and other citizens. Delete the shame pipeline that would allow his minions to mess with people's lives.

Yeah, you'll be fired. Hopefully, your principles transcend those of politicians who think their jobs are more important than our nation. Get fired. Get a different job. Save the country.

There are only a few weeks to complete this vital work. Do it.