That Troublesome Constitution

Time for a rework of that ancient Constitution apparently.

If Muslims are your enemy, you do not support Freedom of Religion. If the Press is your enemy, you do not support Freedom of the Press. If peaceful protesters are your enemy, you do not support Freedom of Assembly. If State Department employees expressing their objections are your enemy, you do not support Freedom of Speech. So much for the First Amendment.

If torture is A-okay with you, you do not support the Eighth Amendment either.

If states determining to protect their citizens is an obstacle, toss out the Ninth Amendment too.

We should take a look at the 4th, 5th and 6th too. Retribution could be more difficult with all that coddling criminals stuff.

The 14th Amendment has that pesky provision about Equal Protection of the Laws. Strike that too?

And the 15th doesn't let you implement voting barriers based on race.

And if referring bills to Congress is too much trouble for you, would you like to repeal the entire Article I also? 

Then there's that troublesome bit in Article III that requires the Senate to provide Advice and Consent when the President nominates a justice. Obviously Mitch McConnell thinks that should go. Article III also says giving Aid and Comfort to our enemies is treason. Can't have that.

Article IV might as well be repealed also, as it doesn't allow the president to withhold privileges from sanctuary cities. Geez. 

As for Article VI, it has that annoying piece about treaty agreements being the Supreme Law of the Land. Certainly can't allow treaties signed before you came into office to stand.

Perhaps, Mr. Bannon and Mr. Trump, you could write a better, more pertinent Constitution for us?


  1. Thanks for pointing out how pesky this Constitution thing is and what tRump and Pence need to get rid of to clear the road for fascism. Great overview!


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