11 Scary Charts

Scary Chart Number Eleven:

That Marijuana You're Still Smoking? See what it's doing to you.

From the National Institute on Drug Abuse




Scary Chart Number Ten:

Five Leading Causes of Deaths Among Persons Ages 15–19 Years,
United States, 2010

Center for Disease Control



 Scary Chart Number Nine:

 If the US had 100 People and $100 total Wealth

From All My Eyes



Scary Chart Number Eight:

How Fracking for Natural Gas has Impacted Earthquake Frequency in the Central and Eastern US

From Greenpeace




Scary Chart Number Seven:

From the Sentencing Project



 Scary Chart Number Six:

Nearly Half of Americans in Favor of Torture

From the Economist

Scary Chart Number Five:

Where your Plastic Water Bottles and Plastic Grocery Bags End Up

From H2O Distributors

Scary Chart Number Four:

From International Sanctuary

Scary Map Number Three:

How Many Metric Tons of Nuclear Waste does Your Family Sleep Next to?

From NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute)

Scary Chart and Map Number Two:

Hate is on the Rise -- and Probably Not Far from Where You Live

From ABC News: Hate Groups on the Rise in US

From the Southern Poverty Law Center

And The Scariest of All, Showing Our Very Own Planet Last Year:

From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Global Climate Report